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SRC talks about “revolution” in the semiconductor industry

Semiconductor Research Corporation (SRC) Announces “Revolutionary” Success in Hafnium Insulators. SRC’s work is said to be extremely important to the industry as it will extend the life of Moore’s Law, which doubles the density of chips in chips every two years. Recall that recently other researchers have presented their solutions that can extend the said law: Hewlett-Packard specialists rely on the help of nanotechnology, and Mears Technologies suggested adding a thinnest layer of silicon to the transistor channel, the so-called “superlattice”.

SRC has solid material and research resources – the organization includes 23 companies and 100 universities. Based on decades of research to find materials to replace the widely used silicon dioxide, semiconductor chip makers in the consortium concluded that hafnium-based insulators could be a tool that will drive the industry’s further progress towards finer process standards.

The key advantage of hafnium based insulators is their high dielectric constant (high-k). Due to this, transistors can be made smaller, increase their speed, reduce leakage current and power consumption. Recall that there is information that hafnium will be used in 45-nm Intel Penryn processors. In general, experts believe that the new material will ensure the development of at least three generations of chips, up to 22 nm. Reaching 22nm mark in serial production is expected by 2021.

It remains to add that, among others, SRC members are AMD, Freescale Semiconductor, IBM, Intel and Texas Instrumentals.

Source: SRC


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