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Intel chooses Mini-ITX as standard for small form factor PCs

As you remember, not so long ago, AMD offered manufacturers an open standard DTX, which should make the compact form factor of PCs more popular.
Intel did not sit idly by, and responded somewhat unexpectedly.

According to the source, the giant is going to promote mini-ITX motherboards with dimensions of 170 x 170 mm for small form factor (SFF) PCs. Obviously, using Mini-ITX developed by VIA for your own purposes is not a “nice” solution for Intel. On the other hand, Mini-ITX has already proven its “survivability” (mainly in embedded computers), and perhaps that is why Intel did not develop its own standard (CTX?). After all, this would mean wasting precious time, and the risk is great – just remember the fate of BTX.

It is reported that the first Intel products in the Mini-ITX form factor will be motherboards based on another chipset not of their own – SiS 662. This proves once again that Intel’s main goal is to respond to AMD’s “attack” with lightning speed.
There is no data yet on which processors will be used as part of these boards (Mini-ITX implies the presence of a CPU soldered on the board). We only know that while Intel has no worthy rival for AMD Geod and VIA C7 in terms of power consumption.


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