Xcard technology.


Xcard technology





Xcard technology.


8GB Ultra SDHC memory for $ 150.

For those users who have allowed themselves to purchase a multi-megapixel
camera or any other portable electronics that support work with
capacious cards of the new SDHC format, Ultra has prepared its new product –
8 GB memory card.

The full product name is “8 GB (60X) Class 2 SDHC Secure
Digital Media Card “.

Memory card parameters:

  • P / N: ULT40067
  • Standard: SDHC
  • Type: Class 2
  • Capacity: 8GB
  • Read: 18Mbps
  • Write: 3 Mb / s

Maybe this memory card is not as fast as Sandisk Ultra II,
but it costs $ 70. less – $ 150.

Source: Ultra


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