X360usb pro v2.


X360usb pro v2





X360usb pro v2.


CB-55L: 55nm NEC high-k dielectric platform

NEC Electronics has announced the availability of a 55nm CB-55L platform for cell-based integrated circuit designs (ICs) manufactured using the 55nm UX7LS process, which features high-k insulators.

NEC, which now sells approximately 625 million worth of cellular ICs annually. dollars, plans to increase sales of chips produced by CB-55L to 1 billion. dollars by 2021. According to NEC Electronics, the UX7LS CMOS process uses high-k dielectrics to reduce leakage current by 75% compared to the 90nm process first launched in 2021.

The power consumption of the CB-55 is 1.7 nW / MHz / gate. The specific density of logic elements (gates), in comparison with the same 90-nm processes, increased in 55-nm technology by 230%, making it possible to place 925 thousand gates on an area of ​​square millimeter. The maximum number of gates in one chip is 100 million., number of I / O ports – 2800. Core supply voltage – 1..1.2 V, I / O ports – 1.8, 2.5 and 3.3 V. Maximum clock speed is 450 MHz with 1.2 V supply and 233 MHz with 1 V supply.

As can be seen from the specifications, the CB-55L is designed to create cost-effective ICs for portable self-powered devices. And as the company says in a press release, NEC has no plans to develop a faster version of the platform.

As part of the NEC platform, it provides ready-to-integrate USB2 controllers.0, JPEG, DDR / DDR2 SDRAM, SDIO, phase-locked loop, A / D and D / A conversion. Microcircuits based on CB-55L will be available in FPBGA, PBGA, FCBGA form factors.

It is also interesting to note that it is not planned to use immersion lithography in the CB-55L for a full production cycle – semiconductor substrates will be “soaked” only at critical stages, remaining dry at all others.


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