X360 usb pro v2.


X360 usb pro v2





X360 usb pro v2.


iPhone runs Leopard?

Chicago Sun-Times columnist Andy Ihnatko at the last Macworld had the opportunity to test the new cell phone Apple iPhone for 45 minutes, and now shares his impressions of the new product on the pages of the newspaper.

According to magazines, the iPhone has a very bright display with excellent detail and color reproduction, and OS X Leopard is used as the operating system, which allows using Core Animation technology for animation effects.

Ignatko claims the iPhone’s touchscreen keyboard is a big step up from the hardware keyboards found on Palm Treo and other smartphones. “The buttons are much larger than those of competitors, which allows you not to aim at their middle. The keyboard input program is smart enough to automatically replace the misspelled word “Tudsday” with “Tuesday”. Half a minute later, I was typing on the iPhone screen faster than ever on other phones, “- writes the columnist.


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