X box action replay.


X box action replay





X box action replay.


Hitachi: 4 new Note type K laptops with car names

For car owners
Toyota Prius is “incredibly lucky” – they can
continue to expand the collection of products called Prius.
But seriously, Hitachi announced four new models at once
laptops of this
series (Prius): PN39K5T and PN35K5T, which are built on
based on Core 2 Duo T5500 and PN34K5T and PN33K4T processors based on Celeron M
420/410 respectively.

Here are photos of some of them from the Hitachi booths at CES:

The rest of the configuration parameters of mobile systems are known to be
are equipped with hard disks with a capacity of 80 – 160 GB, have 512 – 1024 MB
memory and 15.4 “screen. Weight of the presented Hitachi Prius Note type K laptops
lies in the range of 2.85 – 2.95 kg.


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