Wintv hvr 950q windows 10.


Wintv hvr 950q windows 10





Wintv hvr 950q windows 10.


NAMM 2021: Yamaha MG C / X mixing consoles with hardware compressor

Yamaha Unveils Four New MG Series Mixers at Winter NAMM. A distinctive feature of the new products is the presence of a built-in compressor. In addition, there is a choice of signal for monitoring, updated electronics and appearance.

“We recently added a compressor knob to our popular EMX powered mixers, which has been a huge success,” says Yamaha Pro Audio’s John Schoer. “Repetition of this in the new MG series mixers naturally improves sound quality.”

Existing classic models MG10 / 2, MG8 / 2FX, MG12 / 4 and MG12 / 4FX are replaced by MG102C, MG82CX, MG124C and MG124CX respectively. Here C – indicates the presence of a compressor, CX – a compressor and digital effects processor.

Yamaha MG82CX
Yamaha MG102C

New models will retail from January 2021. Estimated prices: MG102C – $ 149; MG82CX – $ 219; MG124C – $ 299; MG124CX – $ 379.

Details and specifications: www.yamaha.com (new mixer line page).


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