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AMD 690G release delayed

We already know quite a lot about the AMD 690G (RS690) family of chipsets, right up to the results of preliminary tests of engineering samples of motherboards built on their basis.

Moreover, more than a month ago it was reported that the developers completed their work on this product, stopping at the final stepping of A12 and now it’s up to the manufacturer, which is TSMC and, of course, motherboard vendors.

OCWorkbench, however, reports that the release of solutions based on AMD 690G will not take place on February 9, as previously expected. Now this event has been postponed to the last days of winter, and, possibly, later, to the start of the CeBIT exhibition (mid-March).

AMD took this time to “polish” the chipset settings, and, possibly, raise the frequency of the integrated graphics core, which, we recall, is the Radeon X700 with DirectX 9 Shader Model 2 support.0. Chipset supports HDCP protection and allows motherboard manufacturers to provide full HDMI output. Note that VR-Zone announces that HDMI video output is currently limited to 720p, AMD is working towards increasing the supported resolution.

Sources: OCWorkbench, VR-Zone


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