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WinTab Series | P 10 Inch * FHD IPS Octa-Core Processor 3GB RAM, 64GB ROM 13MP Rear Camera Android 10 OS. Taitaja Pori -matka on virallisesti alkanut Satakunnassa – kapula on meillä! WinNovaan värisuora Taitajafinaaleista: kulta, hopea ja pronssi! Taitaja Oulu – seuraa WinNovan finalisteja etänä! Taitaja Oulu kutsuu! Suruliputus ja hiljainen hetki WinNovassa Porissa The Winnov Videum AV Plus is a PCI audio/video capture card with x NTSC orx PAL capture to AVI and ASF and still image capture to BMP or JPG (color or greyscale). Windows Media and RealVideo streaming supported. Includes input for optional MXC camera. Multiboard support.


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Winnov provides video conferencing solutions, video cameras and video capture boards. Winnov was founded in 01/ Winnov’s headquarters is located in Santa Clara, California, USA Winnov’s President & CEO, Olivier Garbe, currently has an app. WinTab Series | P 10 Inch * FHD IPS Octa-Core Processor 3GB RAM, 64GB ROM 13MP Rear Camera Android 10 OS. Mar 12,  · Winnov is a technology leader in HD capture and streaming and maker of Cbox, the platform that evolves with customer needs. Santa Clara, California, United States
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New Sony Cyber-shot: only prices please

Sony has announced four inexpensive ultra-compact cameras at once. All are equipped with 7.1 megapixel 1 / 2.5 CCD sensors and 3x zoom lenses. True, in the new W-series models – the Cyber-shot DSC-W55 and Cyber-shot DSC-W35 models – the proud inscription Carl Zeiss Vario-Tessar flaunts on the lenses. S-series cameras – Cyber-shot DSC-S700 and Cyber-shot DSC-S650 – are content with Sony Lens.

Curiously, it is the Carl Zeiss lenses, judging by the markings, that are “darker” and do not please with “wide-angle”:

  • Sony Lens: 5.8 – 17.4mm (35 – 105mm in 35mm equiv.), f / 2.8 – f / 4.8
  • Carl Zeiss Vario-Tessar: 6.3 – 18.9 mm (38 – 114 mm in 35 mm equiv.), f / 2.8 – f / 5.2

Let’s note a few more important differences. W-series cameras retain optical viewfinder and use lithium-ion batteries. The novelties of the S-series are powered by two AA cells, and only an LCD display is intended for sighting.

In addition, in the modest S700 and S650 devices, the frame resolution for video recording is only 320×240 pixels, while the more “advanced” W55 and W35 models can shoot videos with VGA resolution.

Displays on all cameras are different, but their specifications are not impressive. Judge for yourself:

  • Cyber-shot DSC-S650: 2.0 inches diagonal, 115K. pixels
  • Cyber-shot DSC-S700: 2.4 inches diagonal, 112K. pixels
  • Cyber-shot DSC-W35: 2.0 inches diagonal, 85K. pixels
  • Cyber-shot DSC-W55: 2.5 inches diagonal, 115k. pixels

All four new models allow you to take pictures at an equivalent sensitivity value from 100 to 1000 units of ISO. And their shutters work out shutter speeds from 1 to 1/2000 seconds.

The announced “ultra-compacts” will go on sale in February-March, including on the Russian market. Prices range from $ 150 for the Cyber-shot DSC-S650 to $ 200 for the Cyber-shot DSC-W55.


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