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What is azurewave device





What is azurewave device.


Sun: back to Intel processors?

Sun Microsystems, reported by many
sources, today should publish a message in which, as expected,
will announce a partnership with Intel, resulting in
which, will again return to using its microprocessors, in particular the Xeon line. This statement is expected to be made by
CEOs of both companies: Jonathan Schwartz and Paul Otellini
(Paul Otellini).

The first reports of a possible Sun / Intel alliance appeared back in
last week, in particular thanks to the materials of the analyst Sumit Danda (Sumit
Dhanda) of Bank of America. He announced that Sun Microsystems is starting
active use of Intel Xeon 5100 “Woodcrest” and Xeon 5300 processors
“Clovertown” for x86 / x64 compatible servers. Bank of America even named
future partnership with a shift of interests in favor of Intel. By
he estimated the share of Sun servers in
Intel chips will be 25-50% of the total
servers sold in 2021.

At the moment, only the engineering stage of preparation is underway
and planning, and mass production of x86 / x64 servers can start at the end
years, although the first servers, as a result of the partnership, should come out in the first
half of 2021.

Prior to this, Sun and Intel already had a common business, Sun
produced low-end servers based on Intel processors until
switched to a more interesting offer from AMD
with her Opteron chips.

In addition to using chips to build servers, companies
Intel and Sun intend to create a new version of Solaris OS for Itanium. but,
then the deal didn’t burn out. Now Otellini will sign a document that recognizes
x86 version of Solaris, as equal to currently used
Windows and Linux. Also, Intel
will receive the rights to sell this OS.

However, despite the alliance with Intel,
Sun will not give up on server sales on
AMD processors, as well as servers using
own SPARC processors.

Sources: Cnet,
The register


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