What is ageia technologies.


What is ageia technologies





What is ageia technologies.


New technology for packaging multiple crystals in one package from RTI

The approach of packaging several semiconductor chips inside a single chip package, which is becoming more and more popular among manufacturers, is continued by the new development of RTI International, which she spoke about during the IEDM (International Electron Devices Meeting) conference. An interesting innovation of the new technology is the use of three-dimensional internal connections.

The company’s approach is compatible with substrates processed using standard CMOS technology. The connection of crystals with each other or with crystals directly on the substrate (which allows only suitable chips to be packaged in packages) occurs at a low temperature (less than 200 degrees Celsius). And since the crystals are aligned relative to each other, the connection accuracy is much better than when “gluing” two substrates of the same standard size (150, 200 or 300 mm).

As for the three-dimensional internal connections, they are first performed on separate crystals to be stacked in one package, and then they are connected into a single whole by “gluing”.

The company is positioning its technology for use in focal plane IR detector arrays, as it will allow a certain part of the signal processing logic to be located directly in the image sensors.


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