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CES 2021 Lacie Introduces Blu-ray Drive For $ 1,150.

At the Consumer exhibition
Electronics Show Lacie is ready to showcase its new products,
including an external Blu-ray burner.

Interest in the Blu-ray format is only heating up and this year for sure
most famous manufacturers will start shipping these devices. Have Lacie
it is the first external drive to work with Blu-ray.

Lacie d2 Blu-ray has two connectors: USB / FireWire,
Supports both 25GB and 50GB media. The operability is saved in it
and with DVD / CD discs.

For $ 1150. you can soon become the owner of a Lacie drive, and in
complete with media and Roxio software. True, it is not specified yet whether there will be
to supply software for playing video content (if you have
HDCP compliant graphics card and monitor).

In addition to the recorder, Lacie will showcase stylish speakers at the exhibition,
connected via FireWire interface.

Why such an exotic connection method was used, we will find out,
probably from company representatives during the exhibition itself.

Also at CES will be the d2 hard drive
Safe, which is protected by the owner recognition method or
authorized user (of which there can be up to 10) by fingerprint.
A d2 Safe drive with this protection system and a capacity of 500 GB will cost
$ 300 buyer. The same is the price of a “Quadra” disk with the same capacity,
which, at the touch of a button, starts the operations of the archive copying of data.


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