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Doctor Web: beta version of personal antispam is released under the brand name Dr.Web

Doctor Web announces the beginning of beta testing of a new product that provides comprehensive protection for your home computer from viruses and unwanted mail – spam. The traditional antivirus package Dr.Web for Windows 95-XP includes an updated SpIDer Mail module with a built-in spam filter based on Vade Retro technology developed by the French company Goto Software, which has more than 5 years of experience in fighting spam.

Users are given the opportunity to get acquainted with the new comprehensive solution from Doctor Web and evaluate the benefits of the new product. To the functional features of the SpIDer Mail mail scan module, such as “ease”, independence of operation from the mail client, the depth of scanning of all components of the message and the long-known high-quality anti-virus protection, mail messages are scanned using a spam filter.

The work of antispam is based on linguistic analysis and analysis of the form of building a letter and, in addition, has a number of important advantages:

  • a unique technology that allows detecting up to 97% of spam, while up to 80% of unwanted messages are detected only by headers, which significantly increases performance and reduces the dependence of antispam technology on the specific language in which the message is written;
  • compactness of the antispam module – it is included in the distribution of the standard Dr package.Web resulted in less than 1MB increase in total;
  • exceptional simplicity of settings, which does not require special knowledge from users;
  • the ability to filter spam streams immediately after installation on the machine, since there is no need for a preliminary “training” stage of antispam;
  • work on the main mail protocols – POP3 and IMAP;
  • independence from email client.

Questions about how soon in the Dr product line.Web anti-spam solution will appear, sounded for a long time. To meet market demands, it was necessary not only to find a decent technology, it was extremely important to establish cooperation with a professional team that would provide continuous support to users, reacting in real time to more and more tricks of spammers. It was also important to strike a certain balance when integrating the new technology into the existing anti-virus solutions of Dr.Web so that new products retain the traditional features that have always attracted fans of Dr antivirus.Web – compactness, reliability, high manufacturability, ease of use and undemanding computing resources. This balance was achieved by integrating Vade Retro technology into Dr antivirus.Web for Windows.

Earlier, in 2021, Doctor Web and Goto Software signed a partnership agreement, according to which Dr.Web began to be used to protect mail traffic of French company’s clients. The experience of joint work led to the realization of the possibility of a closer strategic partnership, and the high results obtained in the course of internal testing of anti-spam technologies at Doctor Web accelerated the achievement of the final agreement.

Technical details

Antispam filter technology used in the new product Dr.Web, consists of several thousand rules, which can be conditionally divided into several groups.

  • Heuristic analysis

    Extremely sophisticated, highly intelligent technology for empirical analysis of all parts of a message: header fields, message body, etc.d. Not only the message itself is analyzed, but also the content of the attachment to it, if any. The heuristic analyzer is constantly being improved, new rules are constantly being added to it.

  • Filtering countermeasures

    Anti-spam filtering is one of the most advanced and effective anti-spam technologies of Dr.WEB. Consists in recognizing the tricks used by spammers to bypass anti-spam filters.

  • Analysis based on HTML signatures

    Messages containing HTML code are compared against the sample antispam HTML signature library. This comparison, combined with available image size data commonly used by spammers, protects users from HTML spam, which often includes online images.

  • Semantic Analysis

    This analysis compares the words and expressions of the message with words and idioms typical of spam. The comparison is made according to a special dictionary, and both the words, expressions and symbols, both visible and hidden to the human eye by special technical tricks, are analyzed.

  • Anti-scamming technology

    Scamming messages (and also pharming messages – one of the types of scamming) are perhaps the most dangerous type of spam messages, which include t.n. “Nigerian letters”, lottery winnings, casinos, fake letters from banks and lending institutions. To filter them in the anti-spam Dr.WEB Anti-virus applies a special module.

The beta version of the new product is available to everyone. To download this version, you must register as a participant in the beta testing program for a new product in the beta testing section of Doctor Web’s website. You can learn more about the description of the beta version and the rules for using the antispam filter here.


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