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Crucial Technology Joins MicroSD Vendor

Crucial Technology Announces Shipments of 512MB and 1GB MicroSD Flash Cards. Recall that cards of this format are intended for mobile electronic equipment, such as cell phones with multimedia capabilities, for example, a built-in camera or the function of playing sound recordings.

Cards are shipped with Secure Digital (SD) adapters for use in digital cameras, PDAs, portable media players and other SD card devices.

Currently, microSD cards are the smallest version of the mainstream flash memory cards. In size (11 x 15 x 1mm), they are 62% smaller than miniSD cards and 79% smaller than SD cards.

The quoted prices for microSD cards offered by Crucial Technology on the company’s website are $ 31 and $ 20 for the CT1GBUSD (1GB) and CT512MBUSD (512MB) models, respectively.

Source: Crucial Technology


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