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Ubuntu no longer supports PowerPC version of Linux

By decision of the Ubuntu technical council, the PowerPC version of the Ubuntu Linux operating system has lost its official status. Nonetheless, council members confirmed that the entire infrastructure to support PowerPC versions of Ubuntu Linux and third-party applications will continue to operate on a pro bono basis.

It is not known how long the enthusiasm of the community will last, but it seems that such a decision by the members of the Ubuntu technical council calls into question the further development of the PowerPC version of this Linux distribution. On the other hand, there is nothing surprising in this decision, because Apple, which was the main supplier of PowerPC computers for the last decade, has been selling only Intel machines for more than six months.

It is possible that some of the Ubuntu Linux users will now take a closer look at competing distributions, such as Yellow Dog Linux, the PowerPC version of which is still fully supported by the manufacturer.


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