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VMware Releases Fusion Open Beta

VMware, a recognized leader in virtualization software development, has unveiled the first open beta version of its x86 virtual machine for Mac OS X, codenamed Fusion.

VMware Fusion allows various versions of Microsoft Windows, Linux, Unix, NetWare and other operating systems written for x86 computers to run on Apple computers with Intel processors as a guest operating system, which makes it possible to use applications of these operating systems without having to restart the computer.

New Fusion Build 36932 works on all Intel-based Macs and supports USB 2 peripherals.0, as well as drag and drop files and folders between the desktops of the main and guest operating systems. A distinctive feature of Fusion is the ability to assign multiple processors / cores to a virtual machine.

You can download the beta version of VMware Fusion Build 36932 from this page, after filling out the form.


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