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Toshiba bluetooth dongle





Toshiba bluetooth dongle.


SilverFast v6 Image Scanning Software Released.five

LaserSoft Imaging has released a new version of the SilverFast v6 high-quality image scanning package.five. According to the developers, the new version of the program significantly expands the dynamic range of scanned images, recognizing the finest nuances of light and dark areas of the scanned original.

Multisampling Feature resists color noise when scanning. When working with this function, images are scanned several times with the same settings, so that the program, comparing the received samples, can recognize and minimize noise.

In another mode, Multi Exposure, scanning also occurs several times, however with different exposure settings, which significantly expands the dynamic scanning range. According to the company, this effect allows for scan quality comparable to that of drum scanners.

The cost of the SilverFast v6 program.5 depends on the scanner model for which it is intended.


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