Thrustmaster t500rs drivers.Thrustmaster T500 Rs PS3 and PC Steering Wheel Review


Thrustmaster t500rs drivers


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* Detachable wheel featuring the “Thrustmaster Quick Release” system (enabling future upgrades) Precision, force feedback technology & realistic rotation angle * Innovative H.E.A.R.T HallEffect AccuRate Technology™(*) on the wheel’s steering. Initially the T RS was released as a PS3-only product, but Thrustmaster assured consumers that software drivers for the PC were on the way. And indeed, those drivers are available now from the Thrustmaster web site. All FAQs for a product are available on our Technical Support site (address in link form further down). The most frequently asked questions can be found at the bottom of the corresponding product sheet.


Thrustmaster t500rs drivers.Thrustmaster TRS Wheel Setup

– Thrustmaster T RS Racing Wheel: V47 – Thrustmaster TM Sim Hub: V (Main) – V (CoMCU) – Thrustmaster BT LED Display: V (Main) – (Bluetooth) IMPORTANT: IF A DRIVER PACKAGE FOR YOUR PRODUCT IS ALREADY INSTALLED ON THE COMPUTER, RUNNING THE PACKAGE INSTALLATION ONCE WILL ACTUALLY. Updates and downloads (drivers, utilities and manuals) Product registration (in order to optimize responses from our Technical Support team) Go to Technical Support. Shortcuts. PC;. In the event of upward compatibility with PS4™ racing games, the T RS racing wheel will only be recognized in the game, and not in the console’s menus. Please note that the “SHARE” and “PS” functions will not work on the wheel in PS4™ racing games. Nevertheless you can still use your gamepad for these 2 specific functions.
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Thrustmaster T Rs PS3 and PC Steering Wheel Review –

Product Manual
Hardware – Thrustmaster T RS drivers (TTRS_2) + Firmware V – Bsimracing
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