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Vista ReadyBoost Accelerates the Migration of 2GB-4GB USB Flash Drives

Recently, an increasing number of USB flash drives have been certified to meet the requirements of Windows Vista ReadyBoost technology, which provides faster boot times by storing OS state in faster flash memory than HDD. Despite the skepticism of many IT professionals about the real prospects of ReadyBoost, this technology can give additional impetus to manufacturers, motivating them to release flash drives with a capacity of 2-4 GB.

To store a complete “snapshot” of the state of the operating system and user data, the storage capacity should be 1-2 volumes of PC RAM. And since for Vista the optimal amount of RAM is 1-2 GB, the demand will arise for a USB flash with a capacity of 2-4 GB. DRAMeXchange foreshadows the transition of such products to the mass market segment early this year.

Recall the minimum requirements for ReadyBoost:

  • Average write speed – 1.75 MB / s
  • Average read speed – 2.5 MB / s
  • Volume – at least 256 MB


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