Smart document camera sdc 330.


Smart document camera sdc 330





Smart document camera sdc 330.


NAMM 2021: top studio monitors KRK Expose E8B = AlBeMet + Kevlar / Rohacell

KRK Systems announces a new top model in the line of studio monitors at NAMM 2021 – Expose E8B.

Expose E8B features: AlBeMet (beryllium / aluminum) composite tweeters, Class A / AB discrete dual amplifier, rounded body.

According to the manufacturer, the inclusion of beryllium makes the tweeter cone more rigid, which expands the frequency band of sound. The woofer consists of two layers of Kevlar and one layer of Rohacell honeycomb material between them (similar to the speakers of older ADAM models), which allows you to more effectively deal with unwanted resonances. Class A / AB amplifier power – 120 W HF, 140 W LF. The radiator is brought out, but located non-standard – on the side wall of the monitor. The walls of the case are deliberately made non-parallel to avoid standing waves, and outside a special rounded shape to reduce the diffraction of sound waves. On the bottom there is a rubber material for vibration isolation from the surface. Speakers are magnetically shielded.

The model began shipping to retail stores. MSRP – $ 5995 per pair.

Manufacturer website: www.krksys.com.


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