Sierra wireless mc5725.


Sierra wireless mc5725





Sierra wireless mc5725.


SanDisk expects to begin shipping 56nm flash later this month

Toshiba helps SanDisk to mass-produce 56nm NAND flash memory. Chips will be produced at Fab 3, located in Japan, from 300mm wafers using multi-level cell (MLC) technology. SanDisk’s near-term plans include shipping full-density MLC flash memory chips this spring.

8Gb SoCs to be released first – previews are expected to hit the market in the coming weeks, and mass shipments are expected to roll out in the current quarter but later. SanDisk plans to mark second quarter with doubling of density. 16 Gigabit NAND Chips Allegedly Set Record Density Among Similar Products.

Reducing the norms allowed to raise the speed of memory – according to the manufacturer, the write speed is doubled compared to 70-nm samples.

Recall that by the end of the year, Fab 4 is expected to enter into operation – another factory of the joint venture between SanDisk and Toshiba, called the Flash Alliance. The new production will also be able to work with 300mm wafers at 56nm standards.

Source: SanDisk Corporation


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