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Saitek st290 pro.


Silicon Laboratories Si473x – AM / FM radio in one chip

Radio and TV tuner chips are not uncommon, but Silicon Laboratories, which designs and manufactures mixed signal processing chips, seems to have reached a new milestone. The company officially unveils the Si473x family of AM / FM receivers. They make it easier than ever before to implement AM / FM reception functionality into portable electronic devices.

The fact is that, unlike previously available solutions, the Si473x is an integrated AM / FM radio receiver, in which all the blocks are enclosed in one microcircuit. Previously, adding AM / FM radio required a lot of components and a lot of PCB space. As a consequence, inexpensive and compact devices were limited to an FM receiver. Si473x single body tuner requires only two external components. Together with the microcircuit, they occupy an area of ​​0.15 sq.cm. For comparison, according to Silicon Laboratories, traditional implementation requires more than 50 components, and their footprint is 10 square meters.cm.

An important advantage of the novelty is the ease of integration with digital devices and the absence of the need for manual configuration during production. In addition, the Si4731 is the only AM / FM receiver supporting the European Radio Data System (RDS) and the American Radio Broadcast Data System (RBDS). Applications for the new tuner include portable radios, PDAs, MP3 players, universal portable players, electronic clocks, home stereos, docking stations and cell phones.

Microcircuits Si4730 and Si4731 are available in 3×3 mm QFN packages with 20 pins. Si4730 wholesale price – $ 4.87 Si4731 (with RDS / RBDS support) – $ 5.53.

Source: Silicon Laboratories


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