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Roland sd-50.


iPhone will support YouTube

New York Times columnist David Pogue reveals some of the previously unknown features of the Apple iPhone unveiled last week. The journalist notes that although the mobile version of the Safari web browser currently lacks many of the features necessary for viewing content-rich sites, it will most likely be fully functional by the time the device is released.

Steve Jobs in an interview with the German magazine MacWelt said that the iPhone may support Adobe Flash technology or have software for converting Flash content to another supported format. “Of course, the iPhone will support YouTube. However, you don’t need to use Flash to do this, says Jobs. – We can increase the resolution of YouTube videos by using H.264 instead of the old codec “.

According to Pog, Safari supports swipe gestures for zooming an image.n. called a pinch, known from the presentation of the device. This allows, if necessary, to reduce the image of a web page so that it fully fits on the relatively narrow screen of the device. At the moment, the iPhone does not have a built-in GPS module, does not support voice dialing and synchronization with a computer via Bluetooth and Wi-Fi.


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