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Tanita InnerScan BC-500 – scales with USB interface

As you know, not only people suffering from metabolic syndrome want to know their weight, but also all supporters of a healthy lifestyle. This is especially true during the holidays and related feasts. “Smart” scales that can not only weigh a person, but also roughly calculate the level of fat in his body, now no one is surprised.

The Japanese company Tanita has distinguished itself with the release of the InnerScan BC-500 scale, which can save measurement results in the memory of a USB drive. A family of four can be weighed daily on the BC-500 for a month, while the data is recorded on the 64 MB USB stick included in the kit. When the memory of the drive is full, the balance gives a signal, which means that it is time to transfer the data to the PC.

The software included with the BC-500 will graph your body’s “highs and lows” by week, month and year.


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