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US patented ExtremeUSB technology for USB 2.0

Icron Technologies Corporation, which created the ExtremeUSB technology, announced the receipt of a US patent for its development. Now patent extends to ExtremeUSB variant for high-speed USB 2 connection.0.

The patent entitled “Method and Equipment for Extending the Range of the Universal Serial Bus Protocol” builds on a previously obtained patent relating to the extension of the range of USB 1.one. The invention described in the patent provides long distance or increased latency communication between a high speed (480 Mbps) controller and conventional (12 Mbps) peripherals. In addition, it includes support for peripheral devices that meet the USB 2 specifications.0. The patent granted by the US Patent Office is the second for ExtremeUSB after the United Kingdom patent. It is noteworthy that more than a year has passed between the receipt of patents – well, better late than never.

ExtremeUSB 2 technology.0 allows PC, peripheral and consumer electronics designers and manufacturers to extend the range of USB 2 devices.0 over twisted pair, fiber, power, or wireless without any changes to the existing USB ecosystem. In other words, the technology is designed to work without installing drivers, updating firmware, or changing configuration settings. Declared support for Windows, MAC OS, Linux, Unix and Solaris operating systems.

Source: Icron Technologies Corporation


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