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iPhone won’t work with stylus

New York Times columnist David Pogue notes that according to Apple CEO Steve Jobs, the new iPhone supports JavaScript, but the full Java engine is not used due to its resource intensity.

The company has not yet decided whether it will be possible to use songs from the iTunes music library as ringtones. The built-in calendar will allow you to add new tasks directly from the device interface, without the need for synchronization, as is done in the iPod. iPhone has an airplane mode (with radio disabled). The display surface of the device is made of polycarbonate plastic, which, nevertheless, is significantly improved compared to the material used in the iPod, the screen brightness is also at a height. The screen reacts solely to finger taps, so you cannot use gloves, fingernail, or stylus to select menu items or dial using the onscreen keyboard.

iPhone will work with any standard-jack headphones without the need for additional adapters.

The company plans to add 3G support to the iPhone over time as availability improves.


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