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D-Wave “quantum computer” – a deliberate hoax or a conscientious delusion?

Quantum computing is such an elusive goal that even a company claiming to have built “the world’s first commercial quantum computer” admits they are not entirely sure the computer actually does real quantum computing.

Discouraged? Meanwhile, independent experts working in the field of creating quantum computers are questioning some of the claims made by D-Wave Systems, since the Canadian company has not yet presented the results of its work for peer review – which is a generally accepted step for gaining acceptance in the scientific community.

Many scientists believe that true quantum computing, based on the unusual properties of quantum physics, will solve some problems faster than today’s computers based on classical physics. At the same time, most experts believe that it will take years, if not decades, to create quantum computers.

Phil Kuekes, a computer architect for the Quantum Science Research Group at Hewlett-Packard’s R&D labs, was very clear: “Until we see more real measurements, it’s hard to say whether they are successful or not. “.

Recall that the D-Wave company recently showed the work of a “quantum computer”. The computer itself is not yet available for study, there are only pictures of it, and the operation of the system was demonstrated remotely, using video broadcasting means.

It is noteworthy that contrary to the loud statements from the official press release, the head of D-Wave, Herb Martin (Herb Martin) emphasized that the created system is not a real quantum computer, but rather can be called a specialized machine that uses “a little quantum mechanics” to solving problems. Moreover, Martin called attempts to create a full-fledged quantum computer “a waste of time”.

The head of the company admitted that D-Wave may face problems when trying to release a more powerful system. Nevertheless, he confirmed the company’s intention to create a quantum computer with a capacity of the order of 1000 quantum discharges (qubits) by the time the product launches on the market next year.

What are we dealing with? With willful hoax or bona fide delusion? Will show the time.

Source: AP


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