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HD DVD: 150GB 10-layer discs – on the horizon

The basic specification of the HD DVD format provides for the release of such media with up to 10 working layers and, as a result, a working volume of up to 150 GB. Not so long ago, we wrote that a group of format creators intends in the near future to present three-layer media with a capacity of up to 51 GB (17 GB per layer).

The first company to have a working prototype of such a carrier was, unsurprisingly, Toshiba. The manufacturer assures that the cost of adding a third working layer is minimal and the disk has the same physical structure as earlier solutions of the same format. DVD Forum is expected to approve new media this year.

While Toshiba publicly presented its achievements, Ritek did it behind closed doors, for a select few. As mentioned at the Ritek presentation, this manufacturer has taken a step further. He also owns triple-layer HD DVD drives, but has also already developed a design for the production of ten-layer HD DVDs in this format. The latest development can also be used by Ritek in the production of Blu-ray discs, which will give a volume of 250 GB on one optical media.

The main problem that hinders the commercial implementation of Ritek’s developments is the current lack of laser diodes of power sufficient to read and write additional layers.

Source: DailyTech


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