Radeon hd 3300.


Radeon hd 3300





Radeon hd 3300.


Titan TTC-G4T: the efficient cooling solution for any laptop

Laptop performance grows, and so does the heat dissipation of mobile PCs. Titan Computer offers to take care of their reliable cooling. Its TTC-G4T solution will fit most notebooks with display sizes from 12 to 17 inches. A special mechanism allows you to resize the cooling pad.

TTC-G4T is equipped with four low-noise 70mm fans. They rotate at a speed of 2200 rpm./ min ± 10%. Fan noise level – 26.2 dBA.

The main body material of the solution is aluminum, which provides a moderate weight of the cooling system of 800 grams.

Powered by a USB port connected to a mobile PC. The power consumption of the Titan TTC-G4T is 3W.

The front panel of the device has a power button and an LED indicator for operation.

As usual, Titan has not been without internal benchmarks to demonstrate the benefits of using its own products. When using the TTC-G4T, according to his data, the temperature at the hottest point on the bottom surface of the tested laptop dropped from 52 to 35 degrees Celsius.

Source: Titan


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