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Mobile devices with mandatory USB charging. Will China set a new standard?

The Ministry of Information Industry of China recently announced that vendors of mobile devices, which are planned to be sold in the country, must ensure the mandatory ability to charge their products via the USB interface.

The government explains this measure by the need to save money for users who are forced to purchase a new charger when changing their communicator, PDA or mobile phone.

In fact, there is nothing difficult for manufacturers to implement this function. Most mobile phones are based on ARM chipsets, whose specification provides for this USB functionality. It will cost manufacturers only $ 2 to integrate the appropriate additional components into the device, including the power management controller. The innovation will only have a positive effect on the price of final products – after all, it can be reduced by the price of a separate charging adapter.

It is currently unknown when the instructions of the Ministry of Information Industry of China will become binding. It is expected that Chinese companies, for example, Lenovo and Ningbo Bird, will be the first to fulfill what can now be called, rather, wishes, but, say, Nokia, Sony-Ericcson and Motorola will take a wait-and-see attitude.

Given the size of the Chinese market, it is safe to say that if the relevant directives are adopted, this will affect the share of devices capable of charging via USB, and in other regions.

Source: DigiTimes


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