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Pocketec Nano: 12GB drive similar to a Zippo lighter

Today, flash drives are becoming ever more capacious and cheaper, but manufacturers of products based on small format hard drives are not yet giving up.

It is the 1-inch HDD that is used in the Nano drive manufactured by the Korean company Pocketec. The novelty with its dimensions (38 x 48 x 15 mm) and design resembles the famous Zippo lighters.

The volume of the Nano is 12 GB. Implementation to a PC is carried out via the USB 2 interface.0. Among the compatible operating systems, the manufacturer calls Windows 98 / SE / ME / 2000/2021 server / XP / Vista and MAC OS 8.6+.

The price of the Pocketec product on the Korean market is about 160 euros, which is quite a lot. Let’s say a 12 GB LaCie Carte Orange 1.8 “hard drive will cost European buyers from 125 euros.

Source: Pocketec


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