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Will IBM save the future of the European technology alliance??

According to a source citing French newspaper Le Monde, IBM is in talks with STMicroelectronics and Freescale to join the Crolles2 alliance. Moreover, according to these data, IBM will come to Crolles2 to replace NXP (formerly known as Philips Semiconductors).

The alliance was formed in 2021 in the French city (Crolles) by STMicroelectronics, Philips and Freescale with the aim of cooperation in the field of research, development and commercial implementation of CMOS technological processes with the norms of 90, 65, 45 and subsequently – 32 nm.

It should be noted that information about NXP’s withdrawal from the alliance is in the nature of rumors. However, observers believe these rumors have a real basis: the renamed Philips subsidiary NXP seeks to distance itself from the parent firm and become as autonomous as possible. By the way, there were similar rumors regarding Freescale when its shares were acquired by investment companies. If NXP is really thinking about leaving Crolles2, then according to the source, the company will have to announce it no later than the end of this year.

As a result of “fermentation” in the ranks of its members, the Crolles2 alliance was forced to suspend its plans to expand its production capacity. Despite the fact that many point to IBM as the most likely candidate to join the alliance, there is still controversy at Crolles2 over who is the best to invite there. The “lobbyist” for IBM in this case is Michel Mayer, chief executive of Freescale, who previously worked in the microelectronics division of IBM. He is opposed by Philippe Geyres, who recently retired from his post as executive vice president of ST. The latter insists on the invitation to the alliance of the Taiwanese manufacturer TSMC.


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