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iPhone does not support third-party apps

The American newspaper The New York Times reported new information about the possibility (or rather, the impossibility) of launching third-party applications on the new Apple iPhone mobile phone.

Quoting Steve Jobs, the newspaper cites the company’s arguments in favor of limiting the possibility of launching third-party products on the iPhone. “You don’t want your phone to look like a personal computer. And you certainly don’t want to find yourself in a situation where, with three applications running, you need to make a call, and the phone application refuses to start. The iPhone is more like an iPod than a computer, “Jobs explained.

Nevertheless, Jobs noted that in the future, most likely there will be new applications that can be purchased and installed on the iPhone, however, as in the case of the iPod, only Apple itself will decide which applications are needed and which not.

But in order to successfully fight for the sympathies (and wallets) of business users, the iPhone, having a higher price, must provide more functionality than competitors, which cannot yet be said about the new product, according to the famous columnist David Pogue, iPhone does not have built-in games, cannot open Word and Excel files, built-in web browser does not support Flash and Java.


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