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Pce n15 driver.


Intel 45nm: two cores, four cores, eight

While AMD has just started to release 65nm processors, the Internet is in full swing discussing the future 45nm Intel Penryn. Recall that this architecture is based on Core 2 Duo, and a thinner technical process will increase performance, in particular, due to a larger volume of L2 cache.

Ridgefield and Wolfdale will be the first dual-core single-chip CPUs based on Penryn in Q3 2021. There is still no exact data on the clock frequency of these processors, but there is information about the size of the L2 cache: for Wolfdale it will be 6 MB, and for Ridgefield – 3 MB. Obviously, Ridgefield will replace the younger Core 2 Duo processors (E6300 and E6400), which have recently been released with 2 MB cache (L2 stepping).

As for the successor to the quad-core Kentsfield, the source has information indicating that the 45nm Yorkfield will be Intel’s first “honest” (single-chip) quad-core CPU. Four Yorkfield cores will share a 12 MB L2 cache. Combined with the energy efficiency of the 45nm process technology, this will make Yorkfield Intel’s top 2021 product. The launch of this device is scheduled for the end of the third or beginning of the fourth quarter of 2021.

Finally, according to unconfirmed reports, at the end of this year Intel may create an eight-core processor by packing two Yorkfield chips in one package and getting an octopus with 24 MB L2-cache.


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