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Officejet pro x576dw driver





Officejet pro x576dw driver.


PCI Express 2 specification officially published.0 – maximum speed doubled

PCI-SIG, PCI Express Standardization Group, Announces New Specification Version – PCI Express Base 2.0. The new version is the result of a 60-day preliminary version, which includes suggestions from the organization’s members.

The most notable improvement to the new specification is the doubling of the flow rate. By the way, for its designation, the value GT / s (GigaTransfers per second – billions of transfers per second) is used, and not Gbit / s, which is found in some materials. In the new version of PCI Express, the maximum speed has increased from 2.5 to 5 GT / s. A faster signaling scheme allowed to increase the total throughput of a 16-line connection (x16) up to about 16 GB / s.

In addition, the PCI Express Base 2 specification.0 has other improvements that will allow developers to create smarter devices, optimize their power consumption and maintain compatibility with existing hardware. Here is a short list:

  • Dynamic control of the connection speed;
  • Software notification mechanism (OS, drivers, etc.).P.) about changes in bandwidth and connection speed;
  • Extending the structure that stores information about the capabilities of the device, which will allow better management of devices, slots and connections;
  • Access control services;
  • Monitoring the timeout of events;
  • Reset mechanism at the level of individual functions of the multifunctional device;
  • New threshold for power consumption of devices installed in the slot.

Source: PCI-SIG


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