Nvidia quadro fx 500.


Nvidia quadro fx 500





Nvidia quadro fx 500.


$ 100 laptop hits retail?

BBC reports that the creators of the One Laptop Per Child project are seriously thinking about the prospect of the free sale of their cheap laptops. Recall that initially it was about contracts with the governments of developing countries that are interested in using such solutions in their educational programs.

Five million OLPCs, also known as CM1 and XO, should be sent to developing countries this summer. Nicholas Negroponte, the project manager, nevertheless emphasizes that his main task is to give access to computer technologies to the poorest segments of the world’s population, and not to make money on their production.

In terms of commercial availability, he says that it can come no earlier than 2021, and OLPC will be sold according to the scheme: “pay for two, get one”. The second laptop, for which the buyer pays, will still be sent to the children of Nigeria, Brazil, Pakistan, etc.d.

The well-known Internet auction eBay can act as a partner of the creators of OLPC in the commercial distribution of their brainchild.

At the moment, manufacturers are aiming to reduce the cost of their product as soon as possible, which at the moment is about $ 150, with a planned sales price of $ 100.

Source: BBC


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