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Nvidia 9600gt driver.


Pioneer DVR-112 and DVR-112D officially: the company’s first 18x ​​recorders

This week, Pioneer officially unveiled its first 18x ​​DVD recorders, the DVR-112 and DVR-112D.

The key difference between the drives is that the former is capable of writing and reading DVD-RAM, while the latter only supports reading such media.

The new products include a number of Pioneer proprietary technologies:

  • Disc-Resonance Stabilizer controls the air flow generated by the rotating disc to prevent media warping.
  • Multi-Effect Liquid Crystal Tilt Compensator compensates for disc curvature or uneven disc thickness, ensuring high-quality recording even in such cases.
  • Ultra Dynamic Resonance Absorber reduces vibration from media spinning at high speeds.
  • Performance Adjusting Firmware – automatic speed selection depending on application requirements. Thus, for example, when watching a movie, the rotation speed of the disk will be reduced in order to ensure quiet operation.

Speed ​​characteristics of DVR-112 and DVR-112D:

  • DVD ± R: 18x
  • DVD-RW: 6x
  • DVD + RW: 8x
  • DVD-RAM: 12x (DVR-112 only)
  • DVD ± R DL: 10x
  • CD-R: 40x
  • CD-RW: 32x

Sales of both actuators in beige, silver and black will begin in February. In Europe, their expected price will be 40 euros.

Sources: CDRInfo, Clubic


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