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Intel will unveil its 16-core gaming GPU within two years

Information has become available about some of the plans of the Visual Computing Group (VCG), a group created by Intel to prepare discrete graphics accelerators. Based on it, NVIDIA and AMD / ATI will have more than a serious competitor over the next two years.

We already know that VCG plans to develop multi-core GPUs. Now it is reported that the appearance of the first such products is scheduled no later than 2021. The source says that the first such GPUs will be 16-core.

It is assumed that such chips will be produced according to 32nm technological standards. Thus, Intel will have some advantage over its competitors in this indicator, it is unlikely that NVIDIA and AMD / ATI will master a finer process technology than 45 nm by that time.

Intel’s first next-gen GPUs are expected to perform up to 16x faster than NVIDIA G80. However, by that time there will probably already be NVIDIA G9x and ATI R7xx on the market, so we will face a serious struggle for three equal rivals.

Source: VR-Zone


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