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Nokia 2705.


Intel will increase shipments of the 965 series – but only before Bearlake debuts

The North American processor giant plans to increase shipments of its 965-series chipsets by some estimates by 50% before Intel begins aggressively promoting its new Bearlake series chipsets (slated to debut in the second quarter of next year). This increase, on the one hand, will have to compensate for the projected shortage of platforms caused, on the one hand, by the discontinuation of the 865 series, and on the other hand, by an increase in demand due to the release of Microsoft Windows Vista.

These plans also reflect Intel’s intention to consolidate market share in the integrated chipset segment amid strong demand for high-performance graphics solutions capable of running Vista.

At the same time, the 965 series will have to play the role of a transition platform in the first half of 2021 before the debut of the Bearlake series, known under the codenames P35, G33 and G35. The company expects Bearlake to share up to 30% of total chipsets supplied by Intel in the third quarter. By the second quarter, the number of deliveries of 865 series system logic kits, according to the company, will not exceed 10% of the total number of delivered chipsets. Reception of orders for them, we recall, will end in July.

According to the source, all the first three chipsets of the Bearlake family will have to support DDR3 and 1066-MHz system bus (FSB). Observers, according to the source, are rather skeptical about Intel’s intentions to actively promote Bearlake and note that since the demand for products supporting DDR3 memory is rather low, DDR2-800 will dominate the market for a long time.


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