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Built-in flash memory standardized

MultiMediaCard Association (MMCA) and JEDEC Solid State Technology Association (JEDEC) Announce Embedded Flash Standard. This tweed product has a separate product category with the eMMC trademark. The basis for the standard was the MMC specification. Recall that the beginning of cooperation between MMCA and JEDEC in the field of standardization was indicated by an agreement concluded earlier this year. EMMC standard is the first result of cooperation.

eMMC defines an architecture made up of MMC interface, flash and controller. All eMMC components must be in a compact BGA package. Thus, the standard actually combined the MMC System Specification v4.1/4.2 and JEDEC BGA. Maximum interface speed – 52 Mb / s, voltage – 1.8 or 3.3 V. In other words, eMMC is designed for a wide range of applications including consumer electronics, wireless devices, navigation and industrial automation.

EMMC compliant solutions are said to be able to provide host access to all major mass storage classes, including on-board memory, memory cards and hard drives (thanks to ATA-on-MMC) – all via a single MMC Interface Protocol Bus. Industry-wide standardization will accelerate technology development as interchangeable, interoperable, multi-vendor components are available.

Source: MultiMediaCard Association


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