Ni gpib to usb.


Ni gpib to usb





Ni gpib to usb.


Plextor leaves the optical drive market

Shinanokenshi, Plextor Parent Company, Decides to End CD and DVD Devices for PCs. The reason is simple – Plextor could not stand the price competition with Taiwanese and Korean manufacturers.

The products of the company, which started production of optical drives (OP) in 1990, have always been distinguished by a high price, accompanying the slogan “King of Quality”. However, in recent years, OP prices have dropped significantly, and profits from this business have ceased to satisfy Shinanokenshi.

Plextor reportedly warned its Japanese channels to stop shipping its PX-755A and PX-760A DVD recorders. Once the stock of these devices is sold, they will not appear in stores.

Plextor will continue to produce OPs for industrial applications and recording equipment. It is also possible that the company will focus on Blu-ray.


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