Netgear wg311 v3.


Netgear wg311 v3





Netgear wg311 v3.


Intel unwittingly chokes second-tier motherboard manufacturers

Frequent release of new processor models by Intel lately has made life difficult for second-tier motherboard manufacturers. So, in just a few months of 2021, Intel introduced more than 40 CPU models. Manufacturers expect that in 2021 the “fertility” of the giant will not decrease – the development time of processors has recently significantly decreased. The main reason for this is, of course, the fight for the market with AMD.

To keep up with Intel, companies have to invest more and more money in new product development. This is especially costly for relatively small manufacturers – in addition to the fact that the volume of products they sell is much lower than that of the industry giants, motherboards are quickly becoming obsolete and cheaper. Understandably, it becomes more difficult to recoup investment in development in such conditions.


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