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Ndis 6.4.


CES 2021: Polaroid Introduces New PMP Versions And Portable Drives

Polaroid, which first expanded its product range with portable media players (PMPs) last year, introduced a new generation of these devices with built-in Wi-Fi support this year, and further expanded its product portfolio with the introduction of a portable digital photo storage device.

During CES 2021, the company showcased 80GB and 30GB PMPs with 4.3-inch (109mm) and 2.8-inch (71mm) LCDs, respectively (pictured is the 80GB announced last year PMP).

The portable drive is the result of a collaboration between Polaroid and the Storage Appliance to support ClickFree, which automatically searches and copies image files to the drive when connected to the USB port. It is worth noting that the drive does not even have a power button – since the device is positioned for home use, its, if I may say so, the interface is as simple as possible.

The 40GB hard drive is expected to cost around $ 130.


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