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Keyboard by Artemy Lebedev Studio Optimus 103: new changes

The popularity of a product largely depends not on its quality characteristics, but on the degree of its popularity. The latter can be achieved in various ways, the studio of Artemy Lebedev, developing an unusual keyboard Optimus 103, chose not expensive, but very effective.

The product is being prepared in the bowels of the studio that really has no analogues, but if its creators simply announced preliminary specifications and quietly worked on their implementation, then Optimus 103 would hardly have gained fame, similar to what is available today.

In the course of development, the number of keys changed, the type of displays used in them, color displays were replaced by black and white, a shocking price of $ 1,200 was announced and the start date for accepting orders (December 12), it was announced that the color version would come out later and more expensive ..

The information about replacing colored keys with monochrome ones was perceived especially painfully by visitors to the developer blog, which probably led to the fact that the next update of the diary was the announcement that Optimus 103 will still be colored. However, now there is no question of pre-ordering and the price of the solution. A suspicion is involuntarily laid: are there any real work being carried out, or is all activity limited to updating the corresponding resource??

Source: Optimus Project


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