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Ms lifecam vx800.


The new dual-core Power processor outperforms all existing ones by 300-400% in terms of efficiency

Company P.A. Semi has officially announced the start of deliveries of the first high-performance processor of the PWRficient family. It took three years to develop new items. The dual-core product, designated PA6T-1682M, is built on the Power Architecture. According to the developer, PWRficient processors provide “unrivaled performance per unit”, consuming 5-13 watts at 2 Hz. Thus, the processor is 300-400% more efficient than competitors’ products.

PWRficient’s early customers include Curtiss-Wright Controls Embedded Computing, Extreme Engineering Solutions (X-ES), Mercury Computer Systems, Performance Technologies, Splitted-Desktop Systems, and Themis Computer. In total, more than a hundred companies expressed their interest, without exaggeration, in a revolutionary product. The main areas of application of the product are named: networking equipment, including wireless networks, data storage systems, military and aerospace electronics.

PA6T-1682M Processor Designed for 65nm Manufacturing. It is a highly integrated 64-bit dual-core microprocessor, according to the company, including blocks typically implemented by three to five additional chips from the system set.

In fact, the 1682M package contains two 2 GHz processors (each with its own integer, engineering, and vector (VMX) compute units), 2 MB L2 cache, two DDR-2 memory controllers, TCP / IP hardware accelerators and security and flexible I / O subsystem with support for eight PCI Express controllers, two 10-Gigabit Ethernet and four Gigabit Ethernet.

At the same time, a set for developers – PWRficient Evaluation Kit (PAEV-1682M-001) is presented, which includes a motherboard, a case with an ATX power supply, firmware, OS and a debugger. Support for Linux, QNX Neutrino and VxWorks declared.

Samples are already available. 1682M slated to start production in Q4 Developer kit $ 8,500, 1682M preview $ 700.

Source: P.A. Semi


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