Microsoft wireless keyboard 700.


Microsoft wireless keyboard 700





Microsoft wireless keyboard 700.


Apple Unveils 8-Core Mac Pros At MacWorld January?

MacScoop says Apple will showcase new Mac Pro workstation models powered by two quad-core Intel Xeon processors at MacWorld in January, bringing the total number of processor cores in each machine to eight. MacScoop sources do not exclude that the current quad-core Mac Pros will retain their place along with the new models in the company’s lineup, but the price for them will be slightly reduced.

The AppleInsider website previously reported that the development of new models was already completed and expected their release before the end of the year. Test laboratories of some publications, having received prototypes of new quad-core Xeon chips and installed them in Mac Pro, reported that current models with new processors work, as they say, without problems.

MacScoop, citing unnamed sources, reports that Apple’s new HDMI monitors will be showcased at MacWorld, with the 23-inch model being replaced by the 24-inch model; according to the Macsimmum news website, it is possible that Apple will also release a monitor with a 50-inch screen.


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