Microsoft sidewinder game pad.


Microsoft sidewinder game pad





Microsoft sidewinder game pad.


Gigabyte W251U-512 and W551N-712: a pair of new laptops with Vista

The Taiwanese company Gigabyte is not one of the main characters in the laptop market and is currently only trying to take a strong position on it. In this she should be helped by new models of mobile PCs, W251U-512 and W551N-712, which will be on sale starting from January 30.

The debut date was chosen, of course, not by chance, Vista launches on this day, and it is no wonder that it was chosen by the operating system for new products.

The first of the newly introduced notebooks, the Gigabyte W251U-512 is a typical representative of the class of light and thin notebooks. As a processor for it, the manufacturer chose the middle model from the Intel Core 2 Duo line – T7200 (2 GHz). For this size, it is quite natural to abandon discrete graphics – the integrated core of the Intel 945GM Express chipset is used. The amount of RAM can be up to 2 GB. Equipped with 80 GB hard disk, multi-format DVD recorder. 12.1-inch display has a resolution of 1280 x 800 pixels (WXGA).

As a result, the solution turned out to be very light (1.9 kg) and thin (23-32 mm thick).

15.4-inch Gigabyte W551N-712 has similar specifications. In addition to the larger display, it is worth highlighting the presence of discrete graphics presented by the GeForce Go 7400 with 128 MB of RAM. This laptop is positioned as an entertainment solution, as indicated by the included remote control and pre-installed Windows Vista Ultimate Media Center.

Laptop weight – 2.8 kg, maximum thickness – 35.5 mm.

The price of new products is at the average level and is about $ 1,400 for the W551N-712 and $ 1,320 for the W251U-512. The sales of these laptops will start in Japan.

Source: Gigabyte


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