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IWork ’07 package debuts at MacWorld San Francisco 2021

IWork ’07, likely to launch next week, could be one of Apple’s most significant products this year. The reason for this is the possible appearance in it of a new, third component, a spreadsheet editor, which will make iWork even more competitive in comparison with the undisputed market leader – Microsoft Office.

For the first time, the possibility of a new product was announced back in July. Insiders have reported that the new program, known in Cupertino under the codename Lasso, will be called Numbers or Charts, will contain about two hundred functions, the ability to import and export Microsoft Excel tables, and many templates for commonly used table variations. However, this week it became known that Apple withdrew the application for registration of the Numbers trademark, so this name, which was considered the most likely up to this point, will most likely not be used.

The ThinkSecret website posted a screenshot of the new program, however, according to journalists, it is not known what stage of development the program was at at the time of obtaining this image, so the final version of Lasso may look different from this illustration.

Along with the alleged Lasso, iWork ’07 will include a new version of the Pages 3 word processor (codenamed Hammer) and the Keynote 4 presentation package (codenamed Cannon).


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