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OpenOffice released.org v.2.one.0 Final

The final release of the new version of the OpenOffice software package has been released.org. Convenient and highly customizable OpenOffice.org 2.one.x realizes the potential of open source software. In addition to the new database module and expanded XML capabilities of OpenOffice.org 2.1 natively supports OASIS OpenDocument format.

The package is available in 36 languages, is capable of running MS Windows, GNU / Linux, Sun Solaris, Mac OS X (X11) and a number of other platforms.

In addition, users are offered improved PDF support, a new spreadsheet module, tighter desktop integration, and a host of other features that take advantage of the advanced XML capabilities, such as creating, editing and using XForms.

In version 2.1, a lot of changes were made, just below only the most interesting: the Impress presentation program allows you to use more than one monitor, the user can choose on which of them to show slides, a better export to HTML has been added to Calc spreadsheets, the Base database – improved work with files with Microsoft Access, the popular “quick launch” is now available to GNU / Linux users as a GTK application, and the already large family of languages ​​into which OpenOffice has been translated.org, replenished with 5 new localizations. Read more here.

Download OpenOffice.org 2.one.0 Final can be found at this address (Freeware, Windows All / Linux).


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