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Amimon Introduces 802-Based Alternative to Wireless HD and HDMI.11n

CES 2021 (Consumer Electronics Show) is approaching, which will take place early next year in Las Vegas, and the less time remains, the more intriguing new developments are coming in. Young Amimon will demonstrate a prototype wireless technology optimized for high definition video (HDTV) transmission, the source said. This technology is option 802.11n (and for this standard, only draft specifications are available so far) and allows for 1.5 Gb / s bandwidth.

Thus, the new technology will have to compete with the wireless HD and Wireless HDMI (based on UWB) broadband technologies being developed today. The company plans to introduce separate transmitter and receiver chips, as well as a core logic processor in the next few months. The full chipset, consisting of four chips, will be available for production by the end of 2021.

Amimon technology uses 80% 802 standard.11n in 5GHz frequency band with OFDM modulation and 4×5 MIMO configuration (MIMO – Mutliple Input – Mupltiple Output). Additionally, Amimon proposes to use joint source-channel coding, which allows for increased system throughput, typically 100-500 Mbps for the “regular” 802 standard.11n. This configuration will have a bandwidth of 1.5 Gbps using 20 MHz channels, sufficient for real-time 1080i HD video (interlaced). In the same countries where the use of 40 MHz channels is permissible, the bandwidth will be 3 Gbps, and this is already enough for 1080p (progressive scan).

The company claims that the power consumption of the core logic processor and high-frequency modules will not exceed 5W, and the cost will be $ 50. It is assumed that the first products will be released in the form of set-top boxes that connect to the HDMI interface of the source and display. AES encryption with a 256-bit key will be used to protect uncompressed video from unauthorized viewing.


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